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Welcome to Stoma Bag Life

One day you have your bladder and it’s working and then you blink and it’s gone and you are staring at this bag on the outside of your body thinking what the hell  do I do with it

I guess I best introduce myself

My name is Holly. I’m 34 and since the age of 28 I have had serious problems peeing.  I always thought it was just old people that got bladder trouble.
Nope it actually doesn’t target age you just are an unlucky sod.

So since March 2019 I have been living with a urostomy bag which is a pee bag…where your wee comes out of a stoma made from part of your bowel attached to your ureters. If your bladder is non functional, diseased or has cancer they will remove it. Some people have just had a diversion in case one day they wish to ditch the bag and try different interventions.

I had exhausted all avenues and felt this was the way I wanted to go.

That is a little bit about me and the start of my story. Next time I will delve into what went on after my bladder stopped working and how I got to where I am right now.

Credit to @emjayuc on Instagram

As you can see I’m new to this blog, so any readers or followers would be gratefully received and of course I’d return the favour.