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We all need somewhere to put our supplies for the next bag change so it’s ready for whenever it’s needed.

I had mine in this bag… it was really unorganised as there wasn’t any compartments but it was all in there and I knew where to find everything.

It wasn’t really working for me… I just had a disposable black bag in there with my next change. I needed to make changing my urostomy bag so easy and having everything to hand.

So after seeing a YouTube video by Hannah Witton talking about what was in her bag and then she showed her lovely bag I was like oh my that looks so organised and stylish at the same time. Everything I wanted.

So I reached out to Beyond Definition and asked if they would be interested in sending me one to review. I was so shocked when they said yes.

This is their Venture bag

You open it up and you think its just like any normal bag….oh no  let me show you so as you can see there’s plenty of compartments on show

Those can be removed with the poppers if you just wanted to use the bag like that or the just the compartments you’d removed to slide into your handbag (if it wasn’t big enough to put this actual bag in)

The bit that blew me away about this bag is the ever so handy built in shelf that was hid away. You can hang it anywhere you can to change your bag and it won’t move.  I mean how cool is that?

This is what I have put inside the bag. 2 dansac convex bags,  Ostopeel blackberry adhesive remover spray, salts barrier wipes, black bags and some half moons just incase the bag didn’t stick as well as I’d like…I use a hairdryer to warm it up normally so don’t need them but if out and about I couldn’t fit a hairdryer in my bag. Ha ha. Oh and of course the dry wipes for when stoma decides to trickle during a change.

That’s the top compartment as you can see it fits in there perfectly.  I just love there’s a space especially for the adhesive remover spray.

At the bottom here you can see i have the black disposable bags, probably about 15 in there.

Hidden underneath quite nicely are the dry wipes. Enough for 2 changes at least if my stoma doesn’t pee mid change

Lastly on the back you get a little zip enough to put a few more wipes and the clip to keep my top up out the way.

So all in all i think this bag is going to get a lot of usage.

Thank you Nick and Jack for gifting me one i am eternally grateful.

If you want to check them out then head on over to


  1. Ooo that’s so neat and organised – Love it! I also really like the sound of that Ostopeel blackberry adhesive remover spray. Don’t think I’ve ever tried Ostopeel before but a bit of a sweet scent would be nice.

    Caz xx

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      1. I was half asleep last night otherwise I would have definitely followed you there and then. As you can see I have two blogs but think if you follow one it’ll follow the other xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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