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When your ostomy order arrives

When you first have your ostomy, the stoma nurses in the hospital will set you up with some products and if you’ve never had a supplier for your urinary products they’ll generally set you up with the one the hospital uses. Then once you get home you can decide what company you want to use.

  • Select
  • Charter
  • Bullen
  • Patient choice
  • Fittleworth
  • Amcare

These are to name a few companies that can supply different brands of bags etc. These are in the UK as that’s where I am from.

You need to get all your products out of the box when they come and the leaflet with what they sent. You want to make sure it all matches up and isn’t damaged in any way.

If you haven’t got one already then a storage space or box to put all your supplies in. I have a box and a set of drawers too. It makes it so much easier so you can keep an eye on how much you have left and when you need to order again.

My order usually is as follows

  • Dansac convex bags
  • Single use night drainage bags
  • Salt barrier wipes
  • Ostopeel blackberry adhesive remover spray
  • Dry wipes
  • Black bags

My order is usually once a month and depending on how often I’ve changed the day bag (my dansac) sometimes I have enough for the next month too. I generally change it twice week. I prefer to use single use night bags as it means less infection as its a fresh one every night. I have a box of salts and two sprays which will last longer than the month.

If you need to cut your bags then do this as soon after they arrive incase you need to use them when the others have ran out. I’m lucky my supplier cuts mine to template. This I’m eternally grateful as I would make a total hash of it otherwise.

Keep a note of when your supplies arrived so you know when to order again. Sometimes your supplier will have their own system and will phone you to see what you require. I have to phone my Dr’s to get them to send the prescription. All Dr’s surgeries are different.

Once you are settled with your stoma and have tried different products you will hopefully have the ones that that are perfect for you. Trust me I’ve been through some products that just haven’t suited me.

I hope you found this an interesting read

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