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Bag changes

I hope those of you that are reading this are keeping safe and well.

I am writing from a urostomy bag user so if you have a colostomy or ileostomy this may differ so please forgive me.

You either choose a one piece or a two piece ostomy pouch/ bag/ appliance. Whichever one works for you. Personally I have only tried a one piece and I’m happy that way. We all are different.

Some like to change everyday this could be because they struggle to get it to last on their skin very long. Some do it as they may have OCD about being super clean. Nothing wrong with that. Then there are others that change 3 -4 days some can go longer. I am a 4 at a push girl.

Mornings are usually better for your bag change as you won’t have drunk or done much moving around throughout the night. Of course mishaps can’t be helped and need to be sorted and cleaned up ASAP.

Some other bits and pieces are needed to help your stoma and also to help the bag stay put…some of these include Elastic tape/ flange extenders, seals / mouldable ring and spray to remove old bag and get rid of excess stickiness.

At night you attach a night bag to your ordinary bag so you don’t need to worry about getting up to empty and can have a more peaceful nights sleep. Some rather get up and empty than have a night bag on. Whatever you feel better doing.


Most of you will know this but those having problems or are going to be getting a urostomy will find this helpful.

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