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Worries about your Ostomy in a crisis

I have been thinking over the past week about how a crisis like we are going through can affect someone who has an ostomy.

Having enough supplies

I don’t know about you but sometimes you have a lot of supplies and then other times it’s a panic to make sure they arrive before you run out.

Well today I made sure that I ordered 3 boxes of  10 urostomy bags to last a few months at least. Those are the main things I worry about not having enough of. Hopefully by this time next week they will be In my hands and I will be able to breath a sigh of relief.

Not being able to go to appointments 

I have an appointment the middle of April with my stoma nurse, and I know that it will most likely be cancelled as it’s not vital I go but it’s to keep an eye on my newly refashioned stoma. My hospital transport is usually run by volunteers so I doubt that will be running either. So I’m hoping my stoma doesn’t change and i don’t need to worry about seeing them.

No space in A and E

I know it’s gone through my head that if all the people who are poorly with this virus are in the emergency departments and other life threatening illnesses or accidents and long waiting times with the 111 service then if your stoma/ kidneys / infection takes a turn then will you be able to be seen at A and E?


If you are having chemotherapy, radiotherapy or any other treatments for cancer, do you fear that you won’t be able to go to have it? It’s such an uncertain time.  I wish you all the best in healing.

We must stay strong and hope that all will be in hand and if we are in need that there will be someone with advice on relevant action to take.

Stay safe my friends 


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