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How to dress well with an ostomy

OK, so not all people with a stoma will need to change the way they dress… Lucky for them. But here’s a few pointd that I’ve thought of.

Comfortable clothes

Having something tight around your tummy even without a stoma is uncomfortable so where possible wear something comfy.

Don’t be afraid to go up a size.

I mean who is going to know apart from you. Cut the labels out if you must but don’t be ashamed to go up a size for the comfort of your stoma and also your bag won’t be so noticeable.

High waisted

I guess depending on where your stoma is located on your tummy, high waisted bottoms will fit you better and your bag will be protected.

Protect your stoma with fitted underwear

Wear them Bridget Jones style knickers but make sure there’s a bit more support in it, as your bag will not pull when it’s filling because the fabric will be aiding it.

Never restrict your flow

please don’t be vain and restrict the flow of your bag. It will cause a lot of problems, including leaking. Your bag is the most important thing after your stoma.

Don’t change your style

The ostomy doesn’t define who you are. Just keep to your original style with a few adaptions mentioned above. If course I’d you want to look different after surgery nobody is stopping you.

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