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What people don’t see when you have an ostomy

I thought I’d do this in a simple form at some point you’ll be able to relate to all of these and possibly add more on.

So here is what people don’t see when you have an ostomy

The bag or stoma itself

Most of the time your bag and Stoma is hidden away, unless you decide to flash it.

Your warrior scars

These tell a story of how you got to where you are, but most of the time unless you are sunbathing, or in any other situation where your scar on show.

The pain you experience

Most people don’t see the amount of tablets, liquid medicine or injections you have to go through just to try and function normally.

The struggle you’ve endured

This was after my bladder removal last march, behind closed doors nobody could see the sadness. The I have to adapt face.

The umpteen times you’ve needed hospital visit

Unless you publicly tell people on social media of every visit, every treatment and every hospital stay. They won’t know.

How you mentally need to hold it all together

This is me now. Holding it together. With a little bit of anticipation. You wouldn’t know behind my smile I was anxious.