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The good and bad of having a urostomy

On the whole, having a Urostomy is the best choice to make.

But with anything, there are the good, the bad and the ugly so let’s not beat around the bush and tackle the list.


  •  Being free of the symptoms and pain you were experiencing
  • No need to rush to the bathroom 20 times a day peeing
  • No catheters needed
  • Less medical equipment needed to carry in your handbag
  • Under your clothes nobody would know you had a urostomy bag
  • You can go back to normal activities once you are all healed from your operation
  • Sex doesn’t have to stop just because you have a bag. Still find time to enjoy sexy time.


  • If your bladder wasn’t taken away and it was just a diversion then some of your symptoms may be apparent still.
  • You may not have a great stoma, it may be an innie, or troublesome from the start. remember your surgeon tries to work their magic, but isn’t a magician.
  • The skin may become sore, have creases in which may cause leaks and the bags not to stick
  • Infections can still happen, when your body isn’t happy it will let itself known
  • Most of the time it’s non-reversable so it is for life and you just have to adapt to it the best way you can.

Please if you are reading this and haven’t had a urostomy yet, don’t be put off.

Nothing in life is ever plain sailing and you need to work at some things some of the time.

Not quite decided what next week will be about I’ll get my thinking cap on.

Hope your weeks a good one so far, even though its Monday

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