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When it all went wrong

I went on my merry way to work one summers day in 2013 and grabbed my litre bottle of squash.

Little did I know, that day would change my life forever.

Throughout the day I drank my squash but until nearly it was time to go home that I thought oh ouchy that hurts. My bladder was so full I had tried to go for a wee a few times that day but to no avail.

I got home at 5ish and said to my Mum that I was in so much pain and couldn’t wee for the life of me. So we phoned the Dr’s who said go to the minor injuries unit and they’ll see to you there.

I stood the whole time I was waiting as sitting down was just too painful.

Eventually they got a catheter in and drained a litre and a half. The bladder is only supposed to hold 400/500 mls.

So for a few weeks they said to keep the catheter in with a leg bag on and they’d arrange a scan. My Drs said to come in and have it out after about a week to see if I could wee again. I did a bit so they said still go for your scan. So that’s what I did.

I had to drink on the day of my scan a considerable amount and they wanted to see a full bladder then scan again once on emptying. Trouble is, my bladder went into retention and again I couldn’t pee.

So life for about 5 months were wearing a urethral catheter with leg bags attached. At the age of 28 I felt old before my time.

I went to the clinic on a fortnightly basis to trial without catheter. There were old men there with prostate trouble and then little me drinking a jug of water. Hoping to wee looking out of place. It didn’t matter how much I drunk I still couldn’t wee a drop on my own without some catheter.

So the next step was a supra pubic catheter, a SPC for short. Which is a small procedure where they make an incision on your tummy and insert a tube into it and feed it to the bladder, then you will have a flip flo on there where you can open and shut it when you need a wee. This happened in December of 2013.

It was the bane of my life. I had so many infections with it, some that were that serious I was sent into hospital for very strong antibiotics, observation and a drip of fluids.

My lovely consultant said we can’t have you being like this at your age, it’s just not fair. So he sent me to see a specialist.

Next week I’ll be talking all things surgery.

Hope you’ll come back to read the next part my story.

Thanks for taking the time to read this one, wanted to get in as much as possible.

2 thoughts on “When it all went wrong

  1. Wow this happened to me on the 16th jan 2020 normal day at work but I started to get back pain and ovary pain this went on for the weekend I called in sick saw my Gp who booked an ultrasound on the Sunday I was in horrendous pain crying while walking to the ultrasound appointment scan showed over 1100 mls in my bladder I was shocked as I thought I was passing urine ok A&E struggled to catheterise me and after 5 failed attempts managed it I was sent home with catheter in place for a trial with out catheter in a weeks time on the Tuesday the catheter came out Wednesday was fine but Thursday 6th February in the morning I went to pee passed 60mls of blood and clots and went back in to retention District nurses came out and were unable to replace it as she felt there was something blocking and the catheter would just do a uturn so sent me to A&E again after 5 failed attempts by nurses a doctor had a go who forced it so hard I screamed as I felt a tear and 1200mls drained and I was sent home again after 5 days of extreme pain 13th of February 2020 feeling the catheter had gone through my side wall it stopped draining back to A&E a urology doctor was called who took out the old catheter and managed first time to replace it draining 1400mls of blood and urine and said you have an abnormal urethra very short and that I was to see him at the beginning of March for tests and sent me home by time I got home I had 300mls of pure blood and clots in my bag with 100ml of urine sitting on the top over the last 2days this has run clear now with the odd large clot passing and I’m stuck waiting and wondering why this has happened as I’ve never had any kind of lady problems in my life not even a infection living with a catheter and unable to work ( ambulance crew) is really getting me down I’m so worried I’m never gonna be able to pee normally again and if I carnt that my job gone and as the main bread winner with a mortgage it scares me

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    1. Hey Fee,
      It’s very scary when things like this happen and you can’t control it. I’m sorry you have had to ensure such a horrible time too. All you can do is put your trust in the Doctors and hope they can come up with the best plan of action possible. I will be thinking of you and hope that you don’t have to suffer too much more xxx


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